Pales de Sirga is a journey designed to take several consecutive stages. Depending on your fit level; the availability of days, and “philosophy” of route you prefer we will make a personalized trip plan. Here are some options.

2 days

Only if you don’thave more available days or just as a first tasting in the Ebro experience.

The advantage is that we can choose the best of the river Ebro for you in these two days.

An example would be the section between Vinebre and Xerta in a leisure pace or maybe from Flix to Amposta in a more demanding level.

3 Stages

If you have three days you have to decide if you want to reach the sea or not to design you the travel plan.

If you do, you can consider a demanding tour from Flix to the Sea or a quite easy tour from Vinebre to Amposta. Anyway we have several options to offer you.

4 Stages

About the four days trip, we can offer different options, but the challenge is clear: reaching the sea.

The classic tour it’s from Flix to the Mediterranean Sea. We can have an easier plan starting in Vinebre or even if you go with family and children starting in Mora la Nova.

If you want a slightly more demanding challenge, you can start from Riba-roja so you would cross the Natural Reserve of Sebes.

2+2 Stages

This option has been thought for people with only weekends available.

Actually, we must also think that in relation to the 4 days tour, you can save one night lodging, so it becomes cheaper. About the stages, the possibilities are the same that the ones proposed in the four days trip.

Depending on your experience, fit level, or kind of tour that would you like, we advice where to start so that you can reach the Sea. 

5 Stages

With 5 days available for the descent, you have the chance of a very relaxed tour from Flix to the Sea in the Delta del Ebro, so that you would have enough time for touristic visits along the Ebro tour. 

Anyway if you prefer a sportive way and you are physically strong, you could start from Mequinenza and complete the whole catalan Ebro Descent.

More than 5 Stages

With more than five days we are able to offer you several options depending on the number of people who are, your experience,  fitness and philosophy you want to give to the experience.

We suggest to contact us directly because there are a lot of possibilities.

Usually, a good idea is arriving to l’Ampolla harbour, so your last stage is trough the sea.