General information

Palas de Sirga is an experience that lets you discover the natural environment of the Ebro river and the Ebro Delta. It is a route that we offer all-year-round, although subject to the flow that carries the river are adequate. Usually the flow during February and March, is quite high, but you can ask us about it. 

The main feature of the cruise is that the strength of the current (the northern you are, the stronger the current), makes the river helps your navigation; if we stop paddling, the river just helps us on the descent, so the miles is a misleading parameter. Indeed, it is much more important m3/sec flow in the river Ebro.

Depending on your fitness level, and “tour philosophy”, the tour can be done between 3 and 5 days. The classic stretch is between the towns of Flix and the Riumar Beach (just after the mouth of the river). Flix is an emblematic village because it is the last dam of the Ebro river and, from there, the water  runs free in the next 114 km.

At the village of Ascó, we will find a little stone dam. Since some years there is a funny slide installed there, so crossing the “assut d’Ascó” becomes easier. Anyway our guides will show you how at the briefing.

You can also start the tour in the town of Ribarroja (7km. upstream and cross all the Sebes Nature Reserve and the spectacular meander of the Ebro in Flix ) . With this option, you will need our van transfer to cross the dam at Flix.

For longer tours don’t hesitate to contact us. It is recommended to start from Mequinenza or Almatret or even if you have some experience from Fraga (in the river Cinca) 

The strength of the current is progressively lighter, so after Miravet it decreases significantly until last Tortosa, you almost do not notice. So the firsts days we recommend longest stretches with less effort as a general rule.

Once registered, we give you all the information of interest and before departure we deliver the material and makes you a detailed briefing of the descent. Furthermore, we establish telephone contact every night with our friends adventurers to know how was the day and to prepare the day after.

A trip in the Ebro to your needs

Really tailored to your characteristics. From parents with children who prefer only 2 nights and short sections, to the tours starting in Mequinenza in 6 or 7 days.

Contact us to tell us the daily time you would like to paddle, your ideal travel philosophy and we will be glad to recommend you.

Your better boat in the Ebro

Single or double kayaks ?. What you think you’re better? In principle always we provide closed kayaks offering less resistance to water and are therefore more effective. But you can opt for the self-emptying or the Dagger Blackwater model (mixed kayak).

Within closed ones, you can select into a wide range.