• It is important to know that a special permit to navigate the Ebro is required for all the kayaks and boats. Just in case if  any member of the group wants to take his own kayak, just let us know to solve it.
  • Pales de Sirga can only be made by prior arrangement with the kayaks to the organization. Bookings can only be made through the reservation center Rogles Aventura.
  • Before starting the tour, all participants must be submitted on the jetty out to be arranged. Here we will give you the road book, map, tourist information of the Ebro, gifts and we’ll do the briefing or initial explanation with useful explanations for your adventure. Once finished your adventure, we will send you the attestation which shall include the mean flows in your Descent.
  • The Pales de Sirga is not a competitive activity. The proposed objective is to complete the journey through best.
  • Those who complete the route with 3 or more days, can collect our certification.
  • Pales de Sirga is an outdoor activity and a river with fluctuations in flow and therefore are subject to the weather. The above 800 m3 / sec flow; or high winds, for example, can suspend the activity. In these cases, equipment rental day / affected as there is no charge.


Each kayak puts 100 € in cash or paid in advance as a deposit. If the material is returned correctly, this money is returned.

Formalize the reservation

Reservations will be formalized by paying a deposit of 30% of the total budget of the activity. The total amount is paid no more than the day before departure.


  • Cancellation up to 8 days before the start of the journey will be refunded the full amount.    
  • Cancellation within 7 days before and two days before the start of the journey, will miss the entire deposit.    
  • Cancellation on the day of start or during the voyage will lose the entire amount of the reserve, if not caused by weather or flow reasons.    
  • Will refund Insurance In no case should have been recruited.    
  • In cases disenroll any member of the group has no involvement unless it is within 2 days prior to the activity, where the proportion of the deposit will be forfeited.    
  • If you do not leave the kayaks in custody at the place indicated in the route plan, the client becomes responsible fully the material in the event of loss, theft or any incident that may occur to the material.


  • Respect for the environment is a top priority, behavior during the tour will be the least aggressive possible, never the environment in any way be messy and established standards are respected.    
  • When preparing materials, thinking that the more you bring, the more weight load. If you do not know what will fit in the time of departure we help you manage the spaces of the kayak and if you spare some material that does not fit or withdraws finally bring you what we guard until we come to collect him.