Single kayaks

Dag Tiwok

Stable, elegant and fast, Tiwok evolves towards greater comfort thanks to the new Hi Class seat and backrest and the larger cabin. It allows you to navigate long trips with great comfort.

Paddlers of all sizes can now enjoy the Tiwok as it is a versatile kayak. The Tiwok Evo is constructed with a three-layer polyethylene sandwich, consisting of two layers of linear high-density PE and a core of low-density foamed PE foam.

  • Type: closed 1-seater kayak
  • Length: 436 cm
  • Width: 60 cm
  • Weight: 22 kg

Rainbow oasis

It is a sea kayak with a very strong keel which gives a huge directionality, so it is perfect for calm waters or the Ebro too. While it is quite maneuverable for the beginner in kayaking as it’s not too long.
Ideal for hiking. It has 2 wide compartments fore and aft seal, network equipment, anatomical fanny, footrest and handles transporte.Tipo: kayak closed 1p.    

  • Length / Length: 425 cm    
  • Width / Manga: 64 cm    
  • Weight: 20 kg.    
  • Volume: 370 liters    
  • Bath: 86 × 48 cm

Dagger Easky 13

The Easky 13 will give you security. Really stable and predictable, fail to consider the possibility of tipping.
Easy to maneuver once and stay on course thanks to the helmet-shaped keel. It offers comfort for your generous bathtub seat and knees cala-padding. 2 compartments with input rather broad stern.
Ideal for exploring the coast, river excursions, fishing or just to enjoy all benefits. Possibility of incorporating daggerboard.    

  • Type: kayak open 1p    
  • Length / Length: 415 cm    
  • Width / Manga: 67 cm    
  • Weight: 21 kg

Double kayaks

Dagger Blackwater

The Blackwater, is a versatile kayak, designed as two-seater kayak. It also comes with a third center seat for a child to go sailing with the whole family. Its rear derives what makes it super blimp and easy to use.    

  • Type: kayak    
  • Length: 4,10cm    
  • Width: 76cm    
  • Weight: 35 kg    
  • Rec .: Max Weight 216kg

Oasis Rainbow Expedición

Like its relative” of one square, collect similar characteristics, although the choice of 2 squares. We emphasize its directionality, ideal for enjoying the company of canoe routes beginning in this exciting world. Measuring just under five meters also provides very good maneuverability despite being a “k-2″. It is perfect for the sea, calm waters and the Ebro in particular.

Ideal for hiking. Comprising 1 width aft compartment seal, network equipment, anatomical fanny packs, footrest and carrying handles.    

  • Type: kayak  2places
  • Length / Length: 490 cm    
  • Width / Manga: 67 cm    
  • Weight: 30 kg