The reserve for the Pales de Sirga has differents ways of organization: You can rent only the material and go on your own or maybe you can rent the whole package with accommodation booking, insurance, collection service, etc …

The fare varies depending on what you are choosing. In any case, the accommodation is paid directly to you. We only offer fetch you the right one according to your preferences and match the route segment scheduled for that day. In the accommodations that you choose us, we ensure that treated properly.

Together has a simple form that you can serve to have a first idea of the price. If you send us, we spent a proposed travel plan, more concrete and with an already fixed price.

Before filling ….

See the number of days on our stages

Rental kayaks

The price does not distinguish between single and double kayaks. Choose depending on what suits you, but not for the price.
In section kayaks have the range that you can choose from.

Safety vest is always included; paddle, spray skirt and tight drum for the more sensitive material (mobile, wallet …).

If you are with young children, should know that we have other models which can be used as triple or quadruple kayaks. They are wider and open kayaks that despite being slower, give more security.

Insurance policy

We recommend not make the route without insurance. The price of insurance per person varies day to do the route. Rates 2020:
€ 2’50 / person / day

You can see here the general terms and coverages.
If you have federal license canoeing already have insurance that covers a possible accident en route.

Accommodation and night custody

You can choose to book yourself accommodation in the area and make you responsible for the material overnight or let us do it ourselves. The price is always per group and choose the accommodations we draw your preferences for type and price.

2 stages 40 € 3 stages 60  4 stages 80 € 5 stages 90 2 + 2 € 40

Accommodation pre- or post night:

If you come from far and prefer to start the activity the next day of arrival to be more rested, you can choose from. Especially useful if coming from afar. Do not charge anything for management, but pasaros the travel plan would incorporate this accommodation.

Think that the day of the activity requires approximately one hour. To load the kayaks and our safety briefing techniques and tourist explanations.

There is also the option to rest at the end of the whole trip.

Daily transportation of luggage and escort

This is the option of not charging for things to go kayaking lighter (or if you do not fit all) and bring you the luggage accommodation each night. Also useful when accompanying people in the group who does the activity and I reencontréis end of each day.

The option that gives the form, is for cases where you want this daily service, but can adapt to you and do only one / s of the day crossing. Now we see better phone.

Guiding support on the first day of cruise

Useful if you have no experience paddling. The truth is not that it is essential, because some easier kayaks and I would offer, but can always help improve the technical (and therefore less tiring) with security issues and will make a tour guide. As the price is per group, it is always good option if you are a group.

Pick-up location

Although we do not have clear input on our stages can have an idea of what their possible roadmap. In the unlikely event that your means we return the material Flix, could do without this service.

Final paella

One of the things that mayou will feel like when you trip down the Ebro is a delicious rice meal at the Delta. With this option, and we say the restaurant located near the beach where you arrive and where you can make a thought for those finishing Palas de Sirga.

Breakdown cover

In case you have a technical or personal problem, we are available to help offset only be charged in the section that is.

Booking Form

First name
Last name
Start date
Number of persons
Number of steps
Insurance number
Accommodation and night custody of the material
Yes No
Accommodation previous night
Yes No
Daily transportation of luggage or accompanying persons
Yes No
Logistical support to cross dam of Ascó
Yes No
Monitor support on the first day of cruise
Yes No
Approximate location for collection service
Budget per person