In this August we highlight Felix’s experience. Felix already came with a friend some time ago on the 4-day descent. On this occasion and with his son, they achieved the similar challenge in just 3 days.

Leaving from Vinebre, they managed to reach the sea in just 3 days, making good use of the hours of the day and camping on the banks of the river. Felix told us that the river has found it different. And it is that nature is always different and that is another attraction in adventure activities.

Félix has therefore tried the descent of the Ebro in the 3-day version and in the 4-day version. With its advantages and disadvantages, but he always recommends the experience of kayaking down the Catalan Ebro. See you soon.


Grifols: 4 jours a l’Ebro

The Grífols are the chosen ones to share their personal experience in the month of july.

They chose to leave Vinebre and try to reach the sea in four days. In retrospect we might choose Garcia village as a startpoint to make the tour shorter. because precisely coincided with very low levels of flow and do something physically were carried in some sections, especially teenagers of the family.

However, the landscape and the environment and to be immersed in a rural setting and wild nature fully life experience as a family.

The best thing for them reaching the sea and arriving in Miravet. Worse, the weight of kayaks perhaps too loaded;-)

Congratulations: Pales de Sirga done !!!!

Mario and Sonia from Germany

As you know, every month we highlight one of the experiences in the Descent of the Ebro River. This June it is Mario and Sonia who pass us some photos of their favorite section.

In this case, it was going through the Xerta lock. This step is like a boat lift to overcome the 7 meter height of the weir that would prevent us from continuing our march along the Ebro river. The duration of the operation is about 20 minutes and leaves us only 30 more minutes from the beautiful town de Xerta known for its citrus fruits.

Mario and Sonia took the option of the 4 days with a stop at Miravet and Tortosa as key points, since they wanted to take the opportunity to visit the Templar castle and the Suda castle respectively.

They speak wonders of the section between Móra and Benifallet; of the food in the restaurants that stopped and as a negative point, a bit of wind before reaching Amposta.

Auf Wiedersehen

This may people from England, france and Deutschland in the Ebro river

From 11th may 4 people did the descent in the 5 day option.

The first couple to book it was a couple living near London, in spite she is french, and the second couple wanted to join the tour also in 5 days. The option they took was from Ascó to Móra (light first day and helping to cross the Ascó dam) in the first day.

The second day was from Móra to Benifallet. By far, this stretch is the most beatiful landscape in the banks of the river, but the low flood in the Ebro did it a bit tiring. The third day, they assure was the best one from Benifallet to Tortosa. And the fourth lead them to Deltebre in a very hot day. It was a pity that strong winds made impossible the navigation so we cancelled the tour during the 5th morning.

Hope to know about you quite soon and that you enjoyed the aquatic catalan experience.