Félix from Zaragoza

This August we highlight the experience of Felix. Felix already had come with a friend and did the descent in 4 days. On this occasion, with his son they got a similar challenge in just 3 days.
They started from Vinebre, managed to reach the sea in just three days, taking advantage of daylight hours and camping on the banks of the river.
Felix told us that he saw the river different. And it is that nature is always different and this point is another attractive for the adventure activities.

Descenso Ebro en kayak o canoa   Descens de l'Ebre en kayaks
So Felix has tested the descent of the Ebro in the 3 days version and that of 4. With its advantages and drawbacks, but experience always recommended the kayaking exerience in descent of Catalan Ebro. See you soon.

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